MOF Promises to Integrate the Outcome of the National Dialogue to Reduce poverty

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning has undertaken to integrate the national dialogue outcomes into the draft of the Overall Strategy to Reduce  Poverty along with attention to capacity building of the states and localities as well as using the advantages of the decentralized governance  to develop their potentials and be qualified to effectively contribute in poverty reduction of their communities by benefiting from the local resources and their differentiation. The working paper of the decentralization and good governance confirmed the Poverty reduction strategy which was discussed in the Forum organized by the Ministry of Finance in collaboration with the Overall Strategy Draft for Poverty Reduction funded by the African Development Bank ( in Grand Holiday Villa ) today – confirmed the importance of employing the good governance components represented in the Community management by the government , decentralized units, commercial business sector and civil society organization to reduce the percentage of poverty in the local communities and boasting the role of the social security institutions for the same goal. There was a consensus among the participants in the Forum on the importance of preparing basic database in coordination with the competent authorities at all governance levels towards serving the equity of resources allocations, distribution of microfinance opportunities according to accurate measurement standards and indicators that ensure access to financing and resources to their beneficiaries. There was also an agreement on the significance of empowering the informal sector and building of its capacity as well as enacting laws and legislations that govern it to contribute in the achievement of poverty reduction goals in the Country.

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