MOF Confirms interest in completing the computerization of government systems

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning confirmed its interest to complete the computing units of government programs and infrastructure development required for the stability of the e-government services. Upon his meeting in his office with Dr. Tahani Abdullah Minister of ICT, Ustaz/ Badr Al-Din   Mahmoud, Minister of Finance affirmed the commitment of the Ministry to support technical projects  in government units and the completion of the computerization of the required systems to complete the e-government project and promised to allocate funding to the Center of the Electronic Approval of the Ministry of Communications in the year 2017 budget, as promised to support the infrastructure required for the stability of electronic services and support of computing units programs government, while Dr. Tahani confirmed the importance of the Authentication Center in securing the  government data and ensuring the confidentiality of information, pointing to the need to keep up with global technology developments in order to ensure the achievement of the e-government targets. In the broad meeting there was a discussion with participation of the First Undersecretary of Finance and Undersecretary, and Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan, and the Director of the National  Telecommunications Corporation, and director of the National Information Center on the on the mechanism of implementing telecommunications cards linked with National Number in coordination with the competent authorities in order to ensure the protection of the citizen and achieve security against computer crime.

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