Our vision is to develop and improve internal resources and attract external ones to employ them and move the economy sustainably to achieve social, economic and strategic objectives of the country.


Ministry of Finance and National Economy is the main body which is responsible for managing the national economy and orients it to achieve its aims and purposes according to state philosophy, strategy, social and economic programs. It innovated new models of performance in the field of public money, and national economy by creating condition conducive to work, and to have an interactive community who is able to deal with its different segments representing government, non- government bodies, citizens, and individuals inside and outside the country to devote efforts to achieve social and economic objectives in a way that, Sudan can be at the top of peoples and Countries.

Prevalent Values:

  • Citizen is First: Providing the state with services by supplying the necessary money, according to justice required for improving general performance of employees working with civil servant for the interest of worshipers and the state, through the programs which satisfy citizens and make them confortable.
  • Leadership: Initiating and moving economy by providing the necessary finance by any legal means and making every effort to attract the external financial component and employ new means of finance to implement development program in different areas.
  • Transparency: making every effort to apply more potential economic alternatives which suit the state, and providing accurate data base to be submitted to legislative bodies for approval and work according to it.
  • Collective work: Presenting the budget and economic issues to different work organizations in the state to benefit from their point of views to ensure trust and build strong relations among parties who contribute in economy improvement.
  • Strategic Approach: working according to clear strategies and plans approved by the state and apply policies and objectives which lead to economic performance improvement.

General Objective:

The General objective is to improve and develop internal resources and modernize new other resources by introducing mechanisms which enable us to increase potential resources and, employ it effectively, Not only that, but also work to attract external resources and orient them toward production to realize a high growth rate in GDP to achieve required social and economic objectives.

Strategic objectives:

  • Developing economic capabilities for the state and providing infrastructures and pushing Sudan to be at the top of developing countries.
  • Liberating national economy from restrictions and administrative control for the state and realize free competition in economic activities.
  • Creating balanced social and economic development.
  • Employing economic resources of the state to provide citizens with decent life.
  • Securing the strategic stock and realizing food security.



Foundation and Evolution of the Ministry:

Following Sudan independence declaration within the parliament, the ministry has been defined as the ministry of Finance and Economy. The first ever minister for the ministry of finance was Mr. Hamad Tawfeg who assumed the position from 9 January 1954- 16 November 1955. Mr Hamad continued Sudanization of the ministry till 2 February 1956. This name has remained until May government of 1969. The May government changed the name of the ministry in its first anniversary to the ministry of treasury till 1972 where the name has been changed to the ministry of Finance and National Economy. This name includes ministry of commerce besides Ministry of Finance until the beginning of the year 1975.

In 1975, Republican resolution No: (8) for the year 1975 was issued and under this resolution, the Ministry of Finance Planning and National Economy has been established. And ministry of commerce separated from ministry of Finance accordingly and had become an independent ministry. The name of Ministry of Finance continued till 1977, and renamed as Ministry of Finance and National Economy. In 1981, this name has been changed to Ministry of Finance and National Economy until 1987. In 1989, the ministry has been renamed according to its first name Ministry of Finance and Economy. However, after the study which prepared by the government in collaboration with African Bank, the name has become Ministry of Finance and Economy. In 1996, the ministry name has been changed to Ministry of Finance and National Economy until this date.

The ministers who assumed responsibilityof the ministry.


Name of Ministry

Name of minister





Ministry of Finance and Economy

Hamad Tawgig Ahmed


Ibrahim Ahmed

02/02/1956- 16/11/1958

Abdalmagid Ahmed


Mamoun Mohamed Beheri

13/11/1963- 29/10/1964

Mubark Zaroug

30/10/1964- 26/04/1965

Ibrahim Almufti


Alshareef Hussein Al-Hendi




Al-shareefHussein Al-Hendi


Ministry of treasury

Mansour Mahgoub


Mohamed Abdalhaleem Omer


Musa Almubarak Hassan


Ministry of Finance and National Economy

Ibrahim Elyas


Ibrahim Munaam Mansour

10/05/1973- 25/01/1975

Ministryof Finance, Planning and National Economy

Mamoun Mohamed Beheri



20/02/1977- 10/09/1977

Ministry of Finance and National Economy

Osman HashimAbdalsalam

20/03/01978- 17/08/1979

Badureldin Sulaiman


Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning

Ibrahim Munaam Mansour


Dr. AbdalrahmanAbdalwahab


Awad Abdalmagid


Sayed Ahmed Taifour



Ministry of Finance and Economy

Bashir Omer Fadulallah

28/05/1986- 13/1/1988

Dr. Omer Noureldaem


Dr. Sayed Ali Ahmed Zeki


Abdalrahim Mahmoud Hamedi


Dr. Abdallah Hassan Ahmed




Ministry of Finance and National   Economy

Dr. Abdalwahab Osman


Dr. Mohamed KheirElzebeir


Abdalrahim Mahmoud Hamedi


Alzibeir Ahmed Alhassan


Dr. Awad Ahmed Elgaz


Ali Mahmoud Abdalrasoul

14/06/2010 – till now